Saturday, 5 July 2014

Here are the results of the final competition:

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Second Meeting in Wrexham, United Kingdom

In the end of February and begining March was held in Wrexham the second meeting of all participants of the European project to promote entrepreneurship among young people.

10.00 am

It takes the following resolutions:

1º.- First newsletter presentation:
Spain presents the first newsletter in which details aspects of the visit to Spain.
By the other shareholders approving follow the format set out in this newsletter to prepare the rest, according to the schedule established at the first meeting.

Under the agreement previously taken each country present the newsletter on his encounter, corresponding to Slovakia make final conclusions.

2º Choice the logo of the project: 
The logos submitted by students from Slovakia are posted on the Blog, but some of the members did not vote which prevented making the selection properly by the web, so it was proposed to vote being selected logo # 4

3º Choice the project slogan:
It has proposed three slogans, which after making the vote between partners the slogan #1 is selected.

4º Good practices guide presentation by each partner.
1. U.K.
2. Lithuania
3. Bulgaria
4. Slovakia
5. Poland
6. Spain
Good practices are uploaded to the blog by establishing a new page.

5º Discussion WEB outreaches:
It is requested that the files sent by email will not have an area greater than 2 Megs, then proposed to divide into two, which is better for performance email.

We report the blog to all participants for review, indicating that they can send photos of the meetings are requested to Slovakia and Bulgaria to contribute photos to illustrate the section of participants.

12.45 It agrees a common lunch break at Yale University and then will visit the Centre
15.00 rally restarts.

6º Planning WP4: Biographies helpful.
According to the project for each country to do two interviews with two important regional entrepreneurs for it raises the discussion of the questionnaire to be done, weighing two options:
1 / develop a single questionnaire for all countries equal
2 / Given the difference of opinion arises between members voting resulting agree to conduct a joint questionnaire all countries except Poland and Lithuania,
Therefore agreed questionnaire performing jointly as follows:
Each country will propose two questions and submit them to Bulgaria in April. Bulgaria will select the questions and make an interview with 10 questions to be sent during the month of May to all members.
Interviews in PowerPoint, will be presented at the meeting in Bulgaria and then be posted on the blog, which will create a new paragraph.

7º Planning workshops in partner countries.
UK sent a draft letter from the new second meeting in early May to Spain and present in Bulgaria.
Development of the guide business, establishing the following criteria:
Spain draw the index before June and sent to each country for work sharing. The presentation of the guide business meeting will be held in Bulgaria, then published in the blog by establishing a new page.
At the meeting in Bulgaria will be decided on the basis of development and competitions, to be held at the meeting in Poland, where the winners will be selected.
June 30 is the deadline to send the National Agency the Interim Report of Progress, this task falls to Spain as a country coordinator, so send key data and provide their own country.
SPAIN sent in September to work the planing for the encounter at home.

Ends the meeting at 16.30.

NOTE: EXPLORER is the navigator that MUST NOT be used.


Wednesday, 7 November 2012

First meeting between the countries participating in the project

In the month of October, in the first meeting Piélagos all participants in the European project to promote entrepreneurship among young people.

Piélagos Mayor, Enrique Torre Bolado, and the Councillor for Social Services, Eva Arranz, are the representatives of Slovakia, Bulgaria, Poland and United Unido.El Piélagos Adult Classroom, directed by María Jesús Cayon, represents Spain in this new program of the European Union, which has been granted the City with financial support from the Ministry of Education, Government of Cantabria and European Projects Agency.

The four representatives of Piélagos are responsible for coordinating the project which lasts two years, and whose main tasks enhance English; find and display good business practice to introduce young people safe and practical way of entrepreneurship in the participating countries, and engage students in the preparation of the graphic elements for the promotion of youth entrepreneurship culture.

In recent days Lithuania was incorporated as part of the project, bringing the six countries.

Monday,15th October

1)     Project welcome and partner’s introduction whom were welcomed by the Mayor of Piélagos.
2)     Visit to a big Enterprise from the municipality (Saint Gobain), where glass is made.
3)     Visit to the municipaty school “Antonio Robinet”, where it is explained how the education system Works in its diferents stages: childhood, primary and secondary education.

4)      Meeting project: from 16:00 to 20:30 h.
All the members participated, Slovakia came at 18:30 h.
a)     There was an agreement where all of us said that Spain is the coordinator (since that was in the National Agency criteria). 
b)     It was establish as main way to contact between us the e-mail( each member have to give 2 adresses and a telephone number as well). 
c)      We set an Schedule with the next meeting in United Kindom(from 27th January to 2nd of march 2013). The meeting’s duration is going to be of 3 days, during these days all the partners will be there. 
d)     We set our aims to create and design the website. 
e)     Slovakia members were joined. 

Tuesday 16th october
1) Project meeting: from 16:00 to 20:30 h. All the partners participated.
a) Welcome and introduction to the members from Slovakia who arrived late the day before.
b) Meeting and debate about the website preparation: criteria for the common part’s elaboration. (We decided the website is going to have 3 parts: Project description, geographic description and educational centre description. It will have photos and the newspaper’s articles from when the meetings were hold. All the information will be sent in Word format and the images in JPG.The  Interviews to enterprising people from the region that are well-known due to their brilliants careers will be post too.
Tasks distribution to elaborate the material for the website. (Spain will send before 15th November to each country the Schedule that has to be followed with the diferents contests, like this each partner can follow the model with the purpose that each member follows the model to have the same structure all the countries. Slovakia will send some proposals with diferents logos and in December we all will choose the best one. The closing date to send to Spain all the contests will be 15th January.
c) Debate of the criteria to prepare the good practises guide. We agree to lay down a model that all the partners have to follow to make the guide of good practises.
d) During the meeting in Wales the format and design will be decided and it will be the same for all, in this meeting Spain will provide the index and the contest proposal.
e) Next meetings dates. We set the calendar with the 5 encounters:


APRIL 2014
JUNE 2014
The meeting will be held during 3 days, in that time all the countries will participate.
 Write all the presentations project letters:
1. Spain.
2. UK.
3. Bulgary.
4. Poland.